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The drooling, thin-patty, crispy, and fresh burgers of Whataburger are a feast to your meals. Its remarkable taste and delicacy are reflected in every bite. The burgers aren’t expensive for anyone, yet offer value for money in every bite. The food chain is quite considerate, and the staff ensures to greet you with a smile. Can you complete the Whataburger Customer Satisfaction Survey to get a free burger?

Well, yes, you heard that right! The renowned burger chain in the USA wants to keep its services top-notch, making every effort to improve. One aspect is conducting surveys to get complete details of customers’ feelings and what they experience. Let’s dig into the details about claiming a free Whataburger offer!

Whataburgervisit Free Burger Survey

Eligibility Criteria For the Whataburger Survey

It’s never that like participating in “n” number of surveys you can earn burgers like money. A survey like Whataburger’s can be used only after you buy a burger from its outlet.

Below-mentioned are the eligibility criteria for the Whataburger Survey:

  • Have a device like a smartphone, laptop, or PC with the latest browser like Chrome, Safari, or Edge
  • A stable internet connection to not leave the survey incomplete in the middle
  • Should have bought the eatery from Whataburger in the previous 14 days
  • The latest bill receipt of your purchase
  • Basic literacy in English
  • At least 18 years or more age apart from being a legal resident of the USA
  • You can use the receipt for only once
  • Rewards of the survey are non-transferable
  • You should not be a Whataburger Employee, and neither your family members should be their employees
  • You shouldn’t be a business partner or sponsor the popular franchise
  • You should claim your free Burger within 60 days of completing the survey
  • You cannot exchange the free item/burger to avail of cash

How do you complete the Whataburger Survey to get a free burger?

You would be excited to win your first free burger via the Whataburger Survey. It isn’t as complex as it seems, yet ensure that your internet connectivity isn’t disturbed in between. Next, once you begin the survey, you shouldn’t close it until you complete it.

Follow the steps given below to complete the Whataburger survey to get a free burger:

Step 1: Go to Whataburgervisit.com.

Step 1: Choose a language in which you are proficient the most, like English or Español.

Go to Whataburgervisit.com

Step 2: Input the receipt code, which is usually present in the bottom-right corner of the receipt.

Step 3: If you don’t see the receipt code, then tap “click here” next to If your receipt does not have a survey code.

Step 4: Next, click on “Start” in both of the cases and fill out the survey with honesty based on your experience with the outlet. Make sure to provide every possible answer they ask.

The questions aren’t always the same; they do change depending on the perspectives the food chain wishes to cover.

  • Rate the services and its related aspects like speed of service, hygiene, taste, quality, packaging, and similar wherever asked
  • Do suggest a solution wherever the survey asks you about how they can improve their given service based upon any bad experience you had

The Whataburger Survey asks you for some basic details like your name, age, gender, contact details, and more. You can rest assured of your data confidentiality and integrity while completing your survey. Afterwards, Whataburger rewards you with a gift voucher or coupon, which primarily converts to a free burger or eatery.

As mentioned earlier, you can redeem the code within 60 days of your next visit to the food chain.

What Does the Whataburger Survey Include?

The most common misconception is that rating everything perfect in the survey would reward them with a free burger. But it is not so! The survey solely collects data for audits, suggestions, and improvements in its services.

It includes various kinds of questions which you have to answer based upon the following facets:

  • Your overall experience with Whataburger, which consists of ratings, reviews, and optional suggestions for improvement
  • The part of service that needs dire improvement
  • Quality/Taste/Temperature/Freshness and Hygiene of your meal
  • Whether the staff was presentable, polite, or welcoming
  • Depending upon your experience with the food chain, would you return within the next 30 days
  • Your liveliness to recommend their burgers to your acquaintances

How To Receive Rewards Of Whataburger Survey?

After completing the survey, you would get a verification code, write it on the receipt, and show it on your next visit. Thus, you would get a free burger or similar at the time.

Rewards Of Whataburger Survey

About Whataburger – Fast food restaurant chain:

Company TypePrivate
IndustryRestaurant, Fast-food
FoundedAugust 8, 1950
FoundersHarmon Dobson, Paul Burton
HeadquartersSan Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Number of Locations900 (2024)
Area ServedTexas, Missouri, Kansas, Southeastern, Southwestern United States, and Colorado.
Key People– Ed Nelson (President & CEO) – Debbie Stroud (EVP & COO) – Elena Kraus (EVP & CLO) – Rich Scheffler (EVP & CMO) – James Turcotte (EVP & CDO) – Janelle Sykes (EVP & CFO) – Peggy Rubenzer (SVP & CPO) – Alexander Ivannikov (EVP & CAO) – Joe Shannon (SVP & CIO)
ProductsHamburgers, Chicken sandwiches, French fries, Milkshakes
Revenue$3.340 billion (2022)
OwnerUBT Capital (majority), Dobson family (minority)
Number of Employees43,000 (2024)
Whataburger’s CompetitorsWhataburger’s primary competitors are Dairy Queen, SONIC, and In-N-Out.

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Where is the world’s largest Whataburger?

The title of “world’s largest Whataburger” is shared by two locations:

  • Taft, Texas: This Whataburger boasts a larger dining area and kitchen compared to standard locations, but its overall footprint is similar.
  • Altus, Oklahoma: This Whataburger features a larger-than-life Whataburger statue, measuring 67 feet tall and weighing 50,000 pounds. It’s become a popular roadside attraction and a fun photo op for travelers.

So, depending on how you define “largest,” both Taft and Altus can claim the title.

What meat is used at Whataburger?

Whataburger uses 100% pure beef in their hamburgers, sourced from certified Angus cattle. The beef is never frozen and ground fresh daily at each location. This commitment to fresh, high-quality meat contributes to the delicious taste and texture of Whataburger’s patties.

Is Whataburger owned by Chicago?

No, Whataburger is not owned by Chicago. It is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The Dobkins family has owned and operated Whataburger since its founding in 1950, maintaining its Texan roots and independence.

Who is Whataburger’s CEO?

Whataburger’s CEO is Ed Nelson

How much revenue does Whataburger generate?

Whataburger generates $3.2B in revenue

The Final Word

If you were looking for how to complete the Whataburger survey to get a free burger, you would have got your answer! Before proceeding, ensure you have a device with good internet connectivity and seamless access to the browser.

Further, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, have your previous visit receipt handy, and complete the entire survey. Honestly, answer all the questions based on your feelings, and you can claim a free coupon code to redeem your burger.

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