“Part travel guide, part-taco manual, part cultural history of the people and places that have shaped—and been shaped by—this divine dish, Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece have created a fun, stomach-growling romp of a book that is coming out at just the right moment. . . . [F]rom the opening pages of The Tacos of Texas, it’s clear that this simple recipe belies a world of taco complexity with a deep multicultural history populated by some truly amazing characters.”

— The Daily Beast: Allison McNearney

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Taco Journalism Launches Taco Tour

If somewhere in Texas, there is a taco to end all tacos – a face melting holy grail of a taco, a Pulp Fiction briefcase of a taco – we reckon it’s only a matter of days before it is discovered.

Austin, Home Of The Breakfast Taco? Not So Fast, Says Texas’ Taco Journalist

There are few things that Texans are as passionate about as their history or their music but this one might top it: their food. Though Texas might be best known for its barbecue, one could easily make the case that there is a food more ubiquitous that might even serve as an edible metaphor for what Texas is today.

Where to Find the Best Tacos in Austin – Bon Appétit

How many tortillas can one person eat in three days? Andrew Knowlton spends a long weekend devouring them filled with eggs, carnitas, turkey and mole, cauliflower…and 58 other renditions in search of Austin’s greatest and most diverse culinary star I’ve got a thing for tacos, whether they’re crispy, soft, late-night, breakfast, gas-station, Tex-Mex, or, heck, even boxed.

SXSW: When in Austin, eating like a local means breakfast tacos

Texans make a big deal about their size. “Everything is bigger in Texas,” they say with pride. Well, I beg to differ. Deep in the heart of Texas, they’re really small. At least their breakfast of choice is. In sunny Southern California, we love our breakfast burritos.

Team behind upcoming Texas taco travelogue heading to Houston this week

Tacos in Texas are serious business and next fall a team of researchers – including an award-winning Houston photographer – will be releasing a travel book that will surely lead to drops of drool on its pages.

The ‘Taco Journalism’ Guys Will Publish a Second Tex Mex Manifesto

Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, the duo behind Taco Journalism, are working on a second book: The Tacos of Texas. The pair already authored the Tex Mex bible of all that is holy to the city: Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day, which published in 2013.